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Commission status: Open

Memory Lane Pictures Ltd. is once again open for commissions in the department of cinemagraphs! Any person desiring of one of these beautiful memorabilia should study the information below and act accordingly. Serious offers only. No payments in dA points - PayPal only.

Slot #1: [open] (cinemagraph)

Available features

  • Up to four characters (price reflects the number of characters)
  • Simple animation - horn magic, block magic, basic walk / trot cycle, movement, blinking, etc.
  • Talking ponies
  • SVG & GIF output (color palette must match)
  • Original characters only (no canon characters)
  • Loops up to 20 seconds

Not available

  • Complex animation - wing flapping, turning characters
  • Flash
  • Canon characters
  • NSFW


All payments must go through PayPal (USD) after the commission is finished. Minimal price is $15 and will raise according to complexity of the image (e.g. multiple characters, speech). Price estimate will be given during the commission confirmation process.

Contact information

Send me a short description of your desired commission in the form of a note. This means up to three paragraphs describing the scene, characters, and motivation behind the image. "Character A and character B in a romantic setting, close by and reading a book" is a valid description I can work around, although I will need more on the characters themselves. "Character A and B doing something cute" is too vague.

Memory Lane Pictures Ltd. reserves the right to decline unfitting commissions. The commission slot goes to the first person to fit the cinemagraph requirements. If the commission slot is taken, do not send notes. Most commissions are finished within two days.

Samples of previous work

Out Of Red Stuff by MisterAibo  Exploring by MisterAibo  Welcome Back by MisterAibo  Cluttered by MisterAibo
Sleepy Head by MisterAibo  More Like Prince Oblivious by MisterAibo  Two Mares One Pipe by MisterAibo  Vive Phantome by MisterAibo

Memory Lane Pictures Ltd. reserves the right to deny commissions, cancel commissions, adjust pricing, and use your commission for advertisement purposes. No payments before the work is finished, no refunds, no guarantees. Results may vary.
RogueSwordsman Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oooh, I'd like to grab a slot! I'll send the details over a note within the hour if that's alright!
MisterAibo Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2014
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Submitted on
August 16, 2014