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December 29, 2011
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Sun's Fire Part 1 by MisterAibo Sun's Fire Part 1 by MisterAibo
Part 1 out of 3. Because dA doesn't like large things.
Making this took forever and I think it could use some more work.
Any input is highly appreciated.

1st page
2nd page
3rd page

Music: [link]
Time taken: 30 hours? I dunno, forever.

Now translated to LA Spanish! Fuego del Sol
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Ever since I was a young child, I've been a fan of Disney'd Hunchback of Notre Dame. The dark imagery, the risuqe themes, the complex characters. I twas easily as dark as Disney ever got. As such there's an element to thic comic/picture that I cannot help but like, even if it's only because it connects to something else I love.

But if that was all I said about this piece, I'd be doing it a great disservice. Because even if it didn't have that element to it, it's still a good work of art. The colours compliment the emotions that go into a song such as this, dark, brooding, almost cold. The coloured outlines of the two princesses work particularly well, mostly because it gives the impression of the two characters speaking in secret, in the shadows, which I think was the intent.

The overall art style is very reminiscent of the show itself, which is always very impressive to pull off. The stained-glass window in particular manages to both provide another connection to the film it's based on, and to tie it in with imagery the show itself has given us in the past.

In terms of originality I can honestly say that I have seen few attempts to try and adapt a song like this into a MLP comic. So it gets high marks for originality. But the effort that's clearly gone into it, the skill taken to create something so like the style of the show, even the emotions coming from a malevolant character like Discord. These are qualities which must not be overlooked.

Overall this is a very impressive piece, even if it is only the first page of this comic series. I look forward to seeing what the artist does in future installments.
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NewNumber2 Feb 23, 2014  New member

I freakin' LOVE this piece!

The lyrics are clever, the shots are dramatic, the lighting and style are all GLORIOUS!


Someone had a similar idea than you [link]
In the description. Thank you.
You are welcome, I can believe Im the first one to make a translation of this to other language.
Can I translate this to latin american spanish?
Sure. However, I'd recommend making the same kind of "parody" from scratch, only use the same frames.
I wasnt planing on drawing, I was planning just writting in a message how it would be in LA spanish.
Nobody's stopping you from doing that either, but changing the text bubbles instead would probably yield more viewers.
(Part 1 finished)
Luna: Pero, no puedes. Tú lo amas.
Celestia: Si, pero...tiene que ser detenido

Discord: Querida Celestia, tu sabes que perfecto no soy, de mi locura no hay duda.
Discord: Querida Celestia, tu sabes que estoy hambriento, de lo único que no me puedo permitir.
Discord: Entonces Celestia, porque te veo parada ahí, con tus ojos que como llamas son.
Discord: Te veo, te quiero. En mi pelo siento tu sol, de lado a lado sin control.
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